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Laser Cutting -Monarch Metal MFG - Denver, CO


Laser cutting is a process that uses a powerful CO2 laser to cut or etch metal sheet or plate.

Lasers are perfect when accuracy and speed are required and they are capable of reproducing parts with accuracy and repeatability of up to +/-.001. In certain applications laser cutting can replace more expensive machining. Although traditional CO2 lasers are not capable of cutting bronze, brass, or copper, they are capable of cutting up to 1’’ steel plate and are approximately 3 times faster then a water jet.

The laser beam is approximately .010 in diameter so it’s perfect for artwork and features that can be 40% smaller then the material thickness. If parts need to be marked its possible to control the power and get a very clean etch.


4000Watt Laser – 60 x 120 – Steel 1.0” - Aluminum .375” – Stainless .375” 2500Watt Laser – 60 x 192 – Steel .25” – Aluminum .25” – Stainless .25”

Accuracy up to +/- .001 Repeatability up to +/-.001

Tube Cutting – 9’’ Diameter

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