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Monarch Metal MFG - Denver, CO

Monarch Metal Manufacturing is a single source precision metal manufacturer based in Denver, Colorado. As a privately owned family business we were founded upon the desire to provide reasonably priced, high quality manufactured metal products. With a strong management team and a knowledgeable manufacturing group, Monarch has risen to be one of the industry leaders. From prototype through production, we are committed to offering a seamless solution to provide our customers with the tools they need to succeed.

As a family company we believe in the team approach. We believe effective communication and working together are the keys to long-term stability and growth. We welcome new opportunities, and given the chance we aim to fulfill our customer’s highest expectations.

If You Can Dream It, We Can Manufacture It


Precision Fabrication

The backbone of our business is precision metal fabrication. We can process various materials including carbon steel, stainless, aluminum, and exotic materials such as inconel and copper. Our services include laser cutting, turret punching, forming, and various types of welding.


 Precision Machining

Over the past few years we have dramatically expanded our machining department. We have a variety of equipment from manual mills, to state-of-the-art CNC Lathe, and CNC Mills (with 4th Axis). Monarch Metal can support your production needs from small parts to large parts, in any quantity.

Our machining services include drilling, threading, turning, and milling. Although difficult at times, we can hold tolerances to less than .001. It's really important with expensive materials and tight tolerances to follow our quality initiative:



Assembly involves taking all the subcomponents of a part and putting them together to get a final product. After the completion of metal parts there is usually “Some Assembly Required.”

Assembly can be as simple as bolting a few parts together with basic hardware. In other cases it can be necessary to install wiring and other complicated electrical components. For certain applications it is beneficial to kit the parts and package them to be ready for the end user. Whatever the application, assembly takes the basic parts and combines them it to the final desired product. 



Monarch Metal is your one stop shop. We handle the entire process from ordering material to assembly and packaging. We work closely with outside coating and plating services to provide high quality finishes. If necessary, we can ship directly from our facility to your customer. We also offer free delivery to the Colorado Front Range.



Engineering is the process of turning ideas or drawings into programs that can be run by computer controlled machines. With the use of a computer aided drafting program engineers are able to turn basic dimensions into three-dimensional representations of the parts. Through this process they generate a code that is read by the machines on how a part should be built. 


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