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Welding - Monarch Metal MFG - Denver, CO


Welding is a fabrication process that joins materials usually metals or thermoplastics by melting the work piece and adding filler material to make a pool of molten material. This pool cools and a strong weld joint is left behind. An inert gas such as argon is used in the welding process to maintain the arc because there are so many impurities in regular air. In sheet metal fabrication an electric arc is the standard way used to weld material together, but there are, on occasion, welding lasers that can accomplish the same task. Welding rod is covered by flux which has the arc pass through the rod and the work piece to create the weld. Often times welding tips can become covered with excess material and must be cleaned in order to maintain a good arc.

Heat can be an issue in some instances of welding because stress is added to a work piece. Robotic welding is becoming more common in industrial settings, but because of the high cost per robot it is still only being used in high production cases.

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