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Tube Bending -Monarch Metal MFG - Denver, CO


Tube bending is a metal forming process that bends a tube to a desired radius and angle. This process is mostly used for frames, handrails, benches, and roll cages but can be used in many other industries.

The most common form of tube bending is called rotary draw bending. This type of bending uses a set of dies, which can form a tube to a constant center-line radius. This requires a unique set of tools for each tube and desired radius. The use of a computer control enables the machine to reproduce numerous complex bends with extreme accuracy.

When bending tube a common concern is tube wrinkle and collapse. Rotary draw bending uses a mandrel on the inside of the tube to prevent the material from collapsing and a wiper die on the outside to prevent wrinkling. This process creates a very uniform repeatable bend.


Pine No. 2 Bender – 3.0” OD Tube

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